Basic Fashion Essentials For Fall Looks




Basic Fashion Essentials For Fall Looks


Basic Essential For Fall Looks

                                                                     I love pairing these booties and wristlet!

basic fashion essentials for fall looks

Isn’t it funny that October arrived in the middle of summer temperatures in Chicago? It’s a bit bittersweet to sit on on my deck in eighty degrees in October trying to figure out what fall looks to consider for tonight’s dinner on the patio of Tuscany, when the temperature may stay where it is, or just as likely, drop twenty degrees within a matter of an hour. While I’ve grown accustomed to the unpredictability in Chicago’s temperature,  I also get a welcomed rush just thinking about the camaraderie of fashion styling myself for the season. From colorful, chunky knit sweaters, to more ways than a million to remix camouflage and variations of lush colors of the season’s booties in new colors to consider.

I’ve penned my own, must-haves back-to-cool weather shopping list to have a go at when the time comes; for now, I’m taking advantage of transitioning basic fashion essentials from my warm weather wardrobe through cooler fall evenings. Today’s outfit (ootd) is one of my signature looks.  You brandistas know, I love mixing masculine silhouettes with feminine touches.  So not to disappoint, I started with a classic white tank from Banana Republic, above the knee camo shorts and suede booties. If  I was having a ‘rockstarish’ kinda of day,  I would’ve replaced the booties with at the knee toffee suede boots. Right? Next, time.  While there aren’t many basic fashion essentials I relish in rocking more than a simple wifebeater when the weather accommodates. As the temperature began dropping, I ended up wrapping a chunky, camel colored cable knit sweater (shop a similar) around my waist which I later threw on. To bring more of my personal style into the look, I left my tank untucked for a bit of a unpolished feel, pulled out my Gucci GG Supreme bag and threw on my go-to gold hoops. Just like that, I went from warm weather relaxing, to cooler temps chilaxing! Lol!

The concept of layering warmer weather basic fashion essentials with heavier knits and suede as the weather flip flops is one that proves very helpful during the transitional period. The weather can be cranky this time of the year, especially in Chicago, and I’ve learned its always smart to keep a few extra layers with you. So, enjoy wearing extending the use of your favorite basic fashion essentials well into fall by layer, after layer of heavier pieces in the season’s coolest hues and cuts.

Outfit Details:

Banana Republic- Classic White Tank Top

Banana Republic- Camel Colored Sweater

Gucci- GG Supreme Bag

Nordstrom- Gold Hoops

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