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I’m loving EVERYTHING about natural DIY face washes right now. Noticing my normal to combination skin was looking and feeling moisture deprived as the temperates in Chicago continued to drop, I’ve journeyed into a natural skincare regimen to nurse it back to health.  I’ve placed my normal cleanser (which I normally love) in time out, she may have added to the extra dryness I’m experiencing, or, it may be fully-weather induced, I’m just not certain. What I am certain of, I’m at a point where I feel it’s necessary to do my part to nourish my normally non-fussy skin back to health to recreate the dewy look I crave. 

With a few trials and just as many errors in finding the right mixture, the “Honey Cleansing” method has earned its keep as my favorite natural DIY face wash.  I’ve long appreciated honey as a natural, non-harsh way to remove impurities from my skin without stripping it of its natural oils like some certain the counter culprits.  Honey is both antibacterial and probiotic, so it aides in reducing and preventing breakouts; and works well on my sensitive skin. Hanging out at home the last two days, I’ve experimented with two slightly different versions of a honey cleanse, one with a little coconut oil added and the other without. Completely impressed, both mixes left my skin super soft with a really SWEET (literally + figuratively) natural glow.

I’ve read, ‘Honey Cleansing’ is most effective with raw (unpasteurized or unfiltered) honey, so I’ve been using Y.S Eco Bee Farms, and I love it! this. Avoid picking up the honey in the clear bear bottle that’s found in grocery stores, it’s rather processed.  If you’re willing to splurge a bit, go for the Manuka Honey since it offers the most healing and antibacterial benefits of all honey. Plus, it’s noted to be rather effective for treating basic skin flare-ups.

I use the honey cleanser the same way I use my regular one. I wash my hands, splash my face with room temperature water, and gently massage a thin layer of honey into my skin.  Massage it in enough to get the blood flowing well and rinse it off with cool water (close those pores).  I enjoy a reinvigorating cold water splash to close my pores after every cleanse, but that’s up to you. Ok, so the honey is super sticky and it’s not as effective as a makeup removal, so if you’re using the cleanser with makeup on, two to three drops of fractionated coconut oil, or another light carrier oil of your choice directly to your face prior to applying the honey, and then mix about three-four drops into the honey .  Give it a try, and let me know your thoughts. I love how it leaves my skin feeling, smelling, and looking, it’s a cold weather keeper to add to my skincare routine- and my latest skincare secret! Shhhh, don’t go telling everyone.

 Cleanser details:

Manuka Honey- Amazon

Fractionated Coconut Oil: Amazon



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